Eaz..y Protect AutoEaz..y Protect Auto
EAS..Y protect Auto
“Protect your car interior for life!!”

Eas..y protect auto forms a protective barrier against dirt, liquids, uv light and every day usage

Always recommended for use on new leather
Eas..y protect auto will prolong the life of your cars leather.” Its like an insurance for your leather”
GUARANTEED to protect and extend the life of your cars leather interior .

“The very best auto leather protection available”
Protect your auto leather in minutes, quick to use, simple to apply, long lasting protection.

You can literally protect your car interior in less than 15 minutes, you look after the outside of your car , why not keep the inside looking like new .
Avoid cracking and splitting and protect from extreme hot and cold conditions!!

“ Use Eas..y Protect Auto and keep the luxury and value in your car “
Beware of cheaper ineffective Auto care products, multi use leather products may hold little to no protection values and will not enhance and maintain your Auto leather